Ji is in demand to speak worldwide. His personal charisma and presence make audiences feel a profound connection. He redefines speaking engagements with dynamic instruction that moves each and every student to improvement on and off of the course.   

Ji's presentations can include teaching students to play to their unique strengths and helping them to avoid their weaknesses to improve their golf game.  

Ji is at his best when asked to help students identify habits that stand between them and their highest performance.   All level of students can process Ji's method that he presents onstage.

After participating in a Ji Kim event, audiences walk away with a new attitude and actionable strategies for making immediate, impactful changes to their golf game.   

Ji's revolutionary level of engagement is driven by his commitment to tailor his talks to integrate key priorities and hot-button issues. Each keynote is truly customized to the event so that Ji's building and maximizing each and every students game so that they can have immediate benefits that resonate with the audience.

Ji's proven techniques identify swing habit issues that promise the best shot if corrected. His talks can kick off the behavior changes that lead to extraordinary golf game and create extraordinary personal improvement.


Ji really got my group engaged in a way that no one has before. Watching him interact and try new things during the presentation was powerful. He took the time to really understand our challenges and gave my people specific, actionable tools."
– Vice President Sales, Morgan Stanley

"Thanks to Ji…we moved from confusion and uncertainty to clarity in the golf swing." 
- Manny Fernandez, Former Executive Chairman Sysco

"Ji's animated style and ability to mix stories and humor helped our team truly understand the importance of the golf swing.  All of us walked away better for the experience, with an actionable template that will make us be more successful at golf.
- Ralph Howard, Grainger, Division President